The local Village Shop

My idea for this little shop came about as soon as I saw this dollshouse kit. Straightaway it reminded me of a shop in a tiny village here in North Yorkshire.

I've spent lots of happy times there when my children were little. It was a great place to spend an afternoon out and the local shop there has two Georgian bow windows just like these miniature ones.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A village shop is born

Here in my blog I'm sharing my progress in making my 1:12 scale shop kit into a typical, small village shop. 
The building began life as the 'County Shop kit' made by Sid Cooke and has already been built for some time. I 
bought the kit awhile ago, before I had a digital camera, so I can't show the actual building process as I didn't photograph all the stages but there will still be lots to do and see as I go along.....
This is how it looked at the beginning.

I've made a few little changes inside. I removed the stairs which came up from the shop into the living area, blocked up the hole and changed the wall layout. I've made a hallway/landing upstairs to give the impression of there being stairs at the back of the rooms. Doing this has given me a much larger living area. 
Without the stairs it leaves more floorspace for the shop too. The inside is beginning to take shape now with the building of lots of shelves in the shop area and upstairs the wallpapering is nearly complete.

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  1. Kath - your village shop is so inspiring! I'm currently doing a post office and I dream of the interior looking very similar to yours! Can i ask, how did you make the shelves? They look fabulous! I really look forward to seeing this finished!

    Shellby x