The local Village Shop

My idea for this little shop came about as soon as I saw this dollshouse kit. Straightaway it reminded me of a shop in a tiny village here in North Yorkshire.

I've spent lots of happy times there when my children were little. It was a great place to spend an afternoon out and the local shop there has two Georgian bow windows just like these miniature ones.

Inside you can buy almost everything from local produce to souvenir gifts! People can sit down, have tea or an ice cream and watch the world go by through those beautiful windows as the stream meanders through the pretty grass lined village street.....

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's rather a long time since I have been able to spend time on this property because of other things going on...but here are a couple of pictures of the outside.

Close up of stonework

Front view clad with real sandstone

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Shop interior almost done

I've been busy this last week transforming the shop interior.
I wanted an 'aged' look so opted for stained wood panelled walls
with shelving built in. Now they need filling!

Front of counter

Oranges, apples and cakes in display counter made from fimo

View showing the whole shop with door 'leading upstairs'
Lots more to do but getting there I think......

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A village store is born

Here in my blog I am charting my progress in making my 1:12 scale shop kit into a typical English country store
where there is sold a little of everything! Aswell as catering for the locals who will call daily for all their fresh provisions, the many visitors and tourists who flock to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside will also be taken care of...
A sit down for a cup of tea and maybe a gift or two perhaps...? Yes all this will be included.
The building began life as the  'County Shop kit' made by Sid Cooke and has already been built for some time. I have decided to make some changes to my original plans for this building. I began by having a living area in the rooms above the shop area but they were very small so I've removed the wall between the two making one big room which will be lovely for a tea room and gift shop area. Downstairs I've removed the stairs which took up quite abit of space giving me more floorspace for the shop.  The outside has been clad in real Yorkshire stone though it needs 'weathering' a little as it looks too new! The inside is beginning to take shape now with the building of lots of shelves in the shop area and upstairs the wallpapering is nearly complete.